Painful Knees?? Ouch! Part 4!!

Hello again and hope all well with you and yours?

It HAS been an interesting late summer in quite a few ways!! However - since starting the Full Spectrum CBD OIL - from 111Direct - I have to say that it has been an eyeopener - and definitely something I would recommend trying for a natural pain relief method!! There is now a CBD Balm available for external application and it is also recommended!

As mentioned previously the large pond was taken out and a LOT of walkway-slabs, "decorative rocks" and wood had to be moved / reset and just sort the mess out!! New fencing was swiftly done by an excellent local Dorchester company called S&R Downton LTD - as one of the photos shows - the old panels were a "little unsound!"

Old compost was used in areas where it needed to be raised to meet up with the stone path panels. Grass seed has been sown (and is growing!) and wildlife mix has been sown around the area on the far right as you look down the garden - that's the area where the two large silver birch trees were removed - leaving two large stumps.

The extra logs and any wood left behind by request, from the silver birch removal, have been built around the stumps as logpiles to encourage the rotting process and help other insects etc...

Garden Reset|!

We were back and forth across the garden lifting heavy stuff and I was surprised to realise that I hadn't felt ANYTHING when previously just walking was tricky at times and I would have to just sit or lie down to just relax.

Recently I tried stopping taking of the Full Spectrum CBD OIL and rubbing the Balm into my knees - the pain came back!!

If you have pain and similar issues I would certainly suggest, for a natural pain relief, trying the Full Spectrum CBD OIL from

MANY sports people are using CBD OIL for help with pain issues - so I will keep using it and see what happens!


Bye for now