Painful Knees?? Ouch! Part 3!!

Hello and I hope you're enjoying the rather warm weather? Mind you it seems to have broken here and the rain is trying to catch up for lost time!!

CBD Balm

The irritating thing is that we now have a LOT of garden resetting to do after the removal of our two Silver Birch trees at the end of the garden. They were too tall and just too big for the suburban area we live in. Watching the man working was almost hypnotic in the methodical way he and his oppo worked - fascinating stuff - they were also lucky to have arrived on one of the "cooler" days of the last month!!

SO - what is all this about?!!

PART 3 of my Painful Knees and the next move to help allow me, at 70, to work in the garden!

I realised that there is now a CBD Balm that might just help and decided to try it!

The day that the balm arrived I tried some on my knees and wasn't sure that it was working. However - I DID sleep better and no pain as I moved about in the night. This morning I woke to a pain in the left knee so I set about working the Balm into the knee joint.

I have not added the usual very strong elastic "bandage" - just a looser one to cover the Balm and not allow too much to rub off onto my jeans.

SO far today my pain levels have been a lot less!!

Admittedly we are unable to get out to the garden work due to rain (at last!!).

I will keep on using this Balm and the CBD Oil - and the Premium Full Spectrum CBD OIL - 2000mg


Here's How To Put a Stop To Your Pain - Naturally!

Hope that is helpful and we'll keep updating as we progress with the use of the two excellent products from 111 Direct!

Bye for now