Painful Knees and Back?? Ouch! Part 2!!

Hello - I hope this finds you well?

Full Spectrum CBD OIL - Part 2 as well!!

Having started to use the Full Spectrum CBD Oil we have realised we need to shall we say - "age proof" our garden!!

Coming up to 70 years with Osteo-arthritis and little cartilage left in my knees!

As mentioned before, over the years my knees have been really very tricky to deal with! X-Rays a few years ago said "Yes - you have osteo-arthritis and little cartilage left!"

SO - What to do?

Just grin and bear it!!

Then we heard about the pain relief that Full Spectrum CBD OIL  might give - "Hmm! Yes" I thought!!

Anyway I decided to give it a go and see what happened.

On the 6th July - just s few days ago I ordered my first CBD Oil from

Having started off slow as suggested I have upped the dose and just wanted to see what was likely to be happening!

Well - now on the 15th and taking 3 times a day, it's been very interesting!

Pond liner!

After a while of considering what to do, the last two days we have been starting to reset the urban wildlife garden that has developed over the years. It's a case of re-setting in an "age friendly" way!! Hitting the big 70 means you have to take a look at what might need to be done to be able to cope as time goes by (and have the urban wildlife enjoying our garden) - even more!!!

It's a shame, but has to be considered!

Well - while the last two days have moved on I have taken a good set of doses of the Full Spectrum CBD OIL - and my dodgy knees have been VERY reasonable and coped with a LOT of lifting and moving heavy items (including the "small" pre-formed pond liner to replace with a smaller pond) about the garden to start the reset!!

I am definitely going to keep the Full Spectrum CBD OIL going!

If you have pain and similar issues I would certainly suggest trying the Full Spectrum CBD OIL from

MANY sports people are using CBD OIL for help with pain issues - so I will keep using it and see
what happens!


Bye for now