Painful Knees and Back?? Ouch!

Hello - I hope this finds you well?

Full Spectrum CBD OIL

This was brought to our attention a while ago and we waited until we were contacted with a weblink and a suggestion to see what was available.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I decided to look at what this CBD oil was likely to be helpful for and when I saw a pain management area I thought "I have to try this!"

Osteo-arthritis and little cartilage left!

Over the years my knees have been really very tricky to deal with! X-Rays a few years ago said "Yes - you have osteo-arthritis and little cartilage left!"

SO - THAT was fun to hear!!!

Years of manual farm work a LONG time ago, and more recently the lifting and moving of Drums and PA equipment in bands I was involved with had taken a toll! A slip and fall while a loading session was in place at a theatre ended with a landing on my knees which probably didn't help!!

Anyway - since all that happened my knees have been an "interesting" thing to deal with. I have heard that replacement knees are really not good - I also know someone who had the op for that and has been disabled ever since....

So - grin and bear it!!

Then we heard about the pain relief that Full Spectrum CBD OIL  might give - "Hmm! Yes" I thought!!

Anyway I decided to give it a go and see what happened.

My order arrived from

Yesterday I took my second dose of CBD oil and we went to work to clear / move some plants in our garden to await further work.

We were back and forth across the garden lifting heavy stuff and I was surprised to realise that I hadn't felt ANYTHING when previously just walking was tricky at times and I would have to just sit or lie down to just relax.

If you have pain and similar issues I would certainly suggest trying the Full Spectrum CBD OIL from

MANY sports people are using CBD OIL for help with pain issues - so I will keep using it and see what happens!


Bye for now